Refurbishing Your Used Car

Sometimes it makes more sense to buy a used car than a new one off the lot, whether because of costs of insurance or knowing the driving you’ll do will depreciate the vehicle even more quickly. If you’ve done your homework and know that the engine is running well and you won’t have any major repairs in the near future, you can work on getting the rest of the vehicle into good shape.

Exterior Repair Work

External forces in Missouri can do a number on the body of your car, whether because of hail damage, road construction debris, or even a careless driver nicking your bumper. Opting for the services of paintess dent removal St. Louis can help smooth out those dings and make your exterior something to be proud of.

Interior Repair Work

While some stains are deeply embedded in the carpet or cushion fabric, others can be lifted out with just a little bit of elbow grease. Taking your new wheels in for an interior detailing could leave your seats and floors looking like new again with the dashboard and windowsills gleaming as an additional bonus.

Under the Hood

Even if the transmission and radiator are good for another few thousand miles, bringing your car in for a tune-up may help you extend the overall life of your vehicle. In addition to regular oil changes, keep an eye on your breaks, shocks, and belts which can add up over time.

Keeping your new-to-you vehicle in good working condition may be better for your wallet in the long run, and by keeping up the appearances of the vehicle you may prevent rust spots and other costly repairs while also allowing for bragging rights. With some simple repairs, you can take a great engine and have the rest of the vehicle match the value.

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