Repurposing Your Retired Car

Things happen, time passes and one day, the rusted old jalopy from your youth might be destined for the junkyard. But don’t despair just yet. Instead of discarding your priceless memories, repurpose the parts and find them new uses around your home. This eco-friendly option, called scrapping, is not only quick and easy but also provides your home with creative and unique goods that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some repurposing ideas for your beloved car or truck. 

1. Hubcap Yard Decor

While the hubcaps may have lost their silvery sheen, they can still find new life in your yard or garden. Remove them from the car’s wheels and spray paint them with brightly colored hues. Add a stem and some leaves and you’ve got yourself some beautiful blooming hubcap flowers! The stems can be created from shovel handles and the leaves can be crafted from wood or foam. 

2. Repurposed Playground

If you want to keep the entire vehicle in the family, transform it into a playscape for your children. Hollow out the engine and any other parts that may be dangerous for young children. If you’re nervous about scrapping and removing these parts, look up “used truck cabs for sale” in your area. These will usually have the engine removed and you can add in elements from your old car. Make new memories with your children and the power of their imagination. 

3. Car Hood Headboard

Want a unique headboard that can’t be found anywhere else? Grab the hood off your old car and transform it into the crowning achievement of your bedroom. For extra credit, add in a few bookshelves for all your favorite auto-related books. 

There are countless ideas for repurposing your vintage car and truck. Before you make the decision to have the junkyard tow away your prized possession, determine what you can do to give it new life. 

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