The Best Electric Motorcycles

Manufacturers from small Swedish startups to giant Harley-Davidson have taken notice of electric motorcycles, providing electro-curious individuals with styles for any motoring lifestyle. From moped-level options like Cake Kalk to full-sized bikes with estimated costs over $100,000 – there is something out there for every taste and personality!

Viewing an Energica Experia electric adventure bike features the largest battery capacity in its segment; or consider choosing Johammer J1 200’s futuristic look to experience true Jetsons-esque futurism.

Damon Hypersport

Damon is an early stage start-up with only limited funding raised, yet its ambitions are ambitious: they strive to save lives using innovative technology that could change the future of motorcycling.

CoPilot, an advanced warning system using cameras and sensors to track the road and alert riders of potential threats through visual indicators and haptic feedback in handlebar grips, is one of the key features. It can detect up to 64 objects simultaneously while uploading their data directly into a cloud-based network for real-time updates.

Shift is another show-stopping piece, as it allows the bike to easily switch between sport and commuter modes while in motion by automatically shifting various parts such as windscreen, footpegs, handlebars, seat height adjustment.

Zero FX

The Zero FX electric motorcycle provides connectivity, performance and sustainability in one package. Equipped with an efficient yet silent motor and durable off-road suspension to conquer tough terrain.

Your bike can easily navigate city streets and cruise highways, though its limited range requires you to be extra vigilant in traffic. Drivers may not expect seeing bikers riding near their blind spot and may miss you when splitting lanes or passing them.

Air-cooled interior permanent magnet (IPM) powerplant delivers powerful acceleration and regenerative braking to channel energy back into its battery, without clutches, gears or chains to worry about for an efficient ride that stays quiet. A single moving part transmits your throttle hand’s desires directly to the rear wheel via super-efficient carbon fiber belt drive technology.

Vespa 1

Piaggio saw an opportunity for economic revitalization after World War II by meeting Italians’ needs for reliable yet cost-effective transportation options. They soon made Piaggio one of Italy’s premier motorcycle brands.

Modern Vespas are easy to operate and provide excellent weather protection while being fun to ride, making them an excellent option for city commuting, cruising around town and running errands.

The Vespa Elettrica is an upgrade on an iconic bicycle that focuses on both refinement and technology, including sleek new switch gear and stylish LED indicators. The Elettrica’s MIA app also includes features such as ECO RIDE which optimizes fuel efficiency; ABS/incline sensors; as well as SOS functions to notify emergency services if an incident should arise.

Lightning LS-218

The Lightning LS-218 is an impressive electric sport bike which can rival even the best petrol bikes in terms of performance and acceleration – and according to company claims it can go from zero to 100 percent in 30 minutes with fast charging technology.

The LS-218 features a regenerative braking system which converts motion into energy, decreasing its dependence on fossil fuels while also decreasing its environmental footprint.

This bike comes in various varieties, with both 12 kWh and 20 kWh battery packs that offer up to 180 miles of riding range respectively. Unfortunately, its price can be prohibitive for riders on tight budgets while many have taken to criticizing Lightning LS-218’s communication and customer service efforts.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Harley-Davidson LiveWire, an all-electric motorcycle from American firm Harley-Davidson. Equipped with a 15.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack mounted above its motor. You can plug it in at home or recharge quickly at an DC fast-charging station; full charge typically takes about an hour.

This gives you approximately 146 miles of urban riding range. To stay informed on where you are or to identify charging stations as you pass them, use the H-D Connect app and stay aware.

Riding this machine is an enjoyable, relaxing experience without overwhelming your senses. It accelerates effortlessly and brakes properly at speeds from near zero to over-illegal, featuring its instantly recognisable silhouette as a Harley-Davidson, making for a beautiful aesthetic and iconic look.

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