The best fixed gear bikes available in the market

The fixed gear bikes are nowadays becoming very popular and most of them are opting for these bikes due to the wide range of benefits which they provide. These bikes are very less in weight and are pretty affordable than compared to the other bikes available in the market. Another benefit of opting for these fixed gear bikes is that they have very fewer parts and hence very easy to clean and need minimal maintenance.

  • Vilano fixed gear bike: the Vilano fixed gear bike is very simple, easy to use and best for the new users of fixed gear bikes. As they come in different sizes, colors, and models which would be perfect for children, women as well as men of any age group. You can just flip the back wheel it can be shifted from fixed gear to single gear. It’s very solid built and great to move around.
  • Critical cycles fixed gear single speed fixie: these fixed gear bikes are managed by Critical cycles company. They are most suitable for street riders and those who perform street biking tricks. These bikes have the standard speed feature and can be used even on rough and uneven surfaces. The bikes weigh just 25 pounds and come in different sizes and colors to choose from.
  • Giordano Rapido single speed road bike: These bikes are specially designed for flatlands and are used for high-speed experience. The drop bar and the steel frame would give the bike great strength, durability and enhance its appearance too. as the frame is of less weight it would give you great speed while riding. As the road tires of this bike are too large it would absorb road shock and can provide you great comfort to ride on. If you are really a serious biker then this bike is the right choice for you.
  • Vilano rampage fixed gear fixie single speed road bike: this Vilano bike is very easy to ride, affordable, durable and light in weight. With all these features you would feel every day great when you ride this bike. Most of them choose this based on its performance and appearance. You can definitely enjoy a smooth ride whenever you ride this bike. Vilano ensures to provide great fixed gear bikes every year which no other bike can beat.

Choose the best bike as you deserve the best one.

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