Truck Accessories For Mechanics

If you’re a mechanic and you want to broaden your service offerings, consider selling truck accessories. In addition to adding more products and services to your current menu, truck accessories can open up potential customers, too. These items can include towing packages, heavy-duty shocks, and brake work. Dealer-sold accessories can also be more expensive than aftermarket products. But dealers often defend their prices by saying that they can install them right away. Moreover, customers who purchase accessories from dealerships can often roll the cost of installation into their finance package. Adding truck accessories will allow dealers to market their services as a simple process, and customers will appreciate the quick turnaround time and convenience.

If you’re looking for the best place to purchase truck accessories, you should consider Tint World. This store has many big-name brands and a selection of truck accessories. These add benefits and style to your truck. Tint World has professional accessory specialists who can advise you on what you need, and they will professionally install your accessories so they don’t take up too much space. This way, you’ll be able to get the perfect truck accessories for your vehicle without breaking your budget.

Running boards are a useful accessory for trucks of any type. They extend six inches from the body of the vehicle. But they’re also expensive. A 2017 Toyota Tundra Platinum Edition comes with running boards, which cost $345. Aftermarket running boards, however, cost an additional $200-300. If you decide to buy a set, you should consider whether to pay the dealer or do it yourself. Buying from a dealer is a good idea as you’ll have warranty protection and can return them if they break.

Another useful accessory for trucks is a truck lockbox. This accessory will keep tools and other items secure when traveling. These trucks can have a lockbox that slides across the back of the cab, or on tracks toward the tailgate. Among the different features of the lockbox are the materials used. Some of them are made of steel while others are made of rubber. The most important factor when buying a truck lockbox is the material used. A grade 12V moto can be a durable and rust-free surface. Another benefit is the universal mounting bolt pattern, which means that the winch will fit any vehicle.

The next accessory is a tool box. Tool boxes are useful for hauling tools and supplies, and should be installed when you purchase a truck. Heavy-duty rubber tool boxes are available for the bed of the truck. Some even extend beyond the tonneau cover. These boxes help secure tools and goods from scratching and moving while hauling them. You can even lock the tailgate with your vehicle identification number to prevent thieves from getting into your truck.

Mud flaps are another useful accessory for trucks. These protective covers protect your vehicle from flying mud and debris. They’re rectangular sheets of rubber that extend from the sides of your truck. If you live in Houston, mud flaps are especially important, as they’re necessary during the rainy season. These products are also durable, and most of them are made of tough acrylic. They can last the lifetime of your truck. They’ll make your truck look better than ever.

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