Why Buy a BMW Car?

BMW’s 4 Series packs a lot of speed into an affordable compact sedan. Its sleek cabin design and cutting-edge tech make it feel and look like a premium luxury vehicle, while its responsive handling delivers thrills on weekend drives without compromising comfort during weekday commutes.

BMW also offers a selection of SUVs, such as the X5, which seats up to seven. BMW’s first electric vehicle, the i8, boasts an impressive 310-mile driving range.

Superb cabin design

Interiors of BMW models feature carefully planned ergonomic layouts designed for driver comfort. Everything from instrument panels and center consoles are tailored specifically toward placing controls within reach of drivers.

Few carmakers can match BMW in terms of design and spaciousness, especially their latest iX model with its electric drive system that frees up more storage and lounge-like atmosphere in its cabin.

The iX is also one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles on the market; its carbon fiber reinforced plastic unibody is constructed using recycled materials while its curved informational display utilizes sustainably sourced materials as trim.

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A wide range of models

BMW is one of the world’s leading car brands, known for their reliability and eye-catching styles. Their cars boast powerful engines capable of going fast while being reliable for long drives or running errands around town, making them ideal for Fresno drivers who wish to drive without worrying about breaking down during long drives.

BMW offers an expansive lineup of SUVs and sedans. Their mid-sized luxury SUV, the X5, can seat seven people, while two door coupe styled versions X6 and X7 provide sportier experiences and spacious interiors respectively.

BMW takes its name from its founder. BMW employs a series naming system with one number representing each series and two numbers representing engine displacement size; odd-numbered Series tend to be smaller while even-numbered ones often restyle variants of previous series models; letters following each model name indicate its specific characteristics, such as “d” for diesel or “i” for electric power.

The best in safety

BMW is widely known for crafting “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” yet they also take safety very seriously. BMW vehicles frequently receive top scores in crash tests and boast some of the latest safety technologies available today.

For instance, the 2023 BMW 3 Series earned five-star safety ratings across front, side impact protection, headrest strength, roof strength and forward automatic emergency braking as well as rain-sensing windshield wipers as standard features – in addition to available parking sensors and adaptive cruise control capabilities.

Other standard features include lane departure warning that vibrates the steering wheel when it detects that you’re leaving your lane without signaling, traffic jam assistant can assist during road delays by keeping a safe distance between vehicles ahead, as well as optional driver assistance systems to help prevent accidents in advance.

The best in technology

BMW derives its name from Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW), meaning Bavarian Engine Works. Initially, BMW made aircraft engines and set numerous altitude and speed records before branching out into automobile production.

As part of BMW’s aviation heritage, certain models feature a Head-Up Display. This feature projects information such as navigation directions and speed onto the windshield for reduced driver distraction and to keep eyes focused on the road.

Gesture Control allows rear-seat passengers to use hand gestures to access various infotainment features. BMW collaborated with technology company E Ink to customize this material specifically for use within vehicles – making their system one of a kind worldwide.

Maneuver Assistant is another helpful feature, offering drivers help with parking in tight spaces and complicated driveways. Utilizing GPS data and steering trajectory, this feature enables drivers to steer, brake, and throttle without looking away from the road – something many drivers find impossible when trying to park in tight spaces or driveways with multiple turns.

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