Keeping Your Boat Afloat

If something goes wrong with your boat while you’re in the middle of the sea, don’t expect Poseidon to swim by and loan you a hand (or fin, for that matter). While you can’t always predict problems with your boat, at least 90 percent of them can be avoided via routine maintenance.

Check Your Engine and Propellers Often

There’s no fun in being stranded at sea. You should be changing your oil at least every six months, and just like that of a car, you should be taking your boat in once a year so it can be fully serviced. Of course, if you should notice any problem at all, an extra service visit is a must.

Keep That Plumbing Running

In a way, boat plumbing isn’t so bad compared to plumbing in a home, as the material you’ll be working with (hoses, tanks, etc.) tends to be more flexible. If you’re brave enough to handle the fixes yourself but find yourself short a few parts, try looking online in your general area, e.g. by typing in marine plumbing systems newport beach ca or wherever you happen to live into a search engine.

Don’t Skirt on Dirt

If you’re new to boating and think constantly steering around in water is going to keep your boat hygienic, think again. Saltwater can actually cause a fair amount of damage to both your boat’s motor and its hull, which makes washing with unsalted water a must, as well as waxing. Your propeller and filters are bound to catch and fill up with unwanted sea “gifts,” such as seaweed or trash, so check on both as often as possible. Try keeping the breeze flowing in to prevent the otherwise inevitable accumulation of mildew.

The sea is where you go to leave your problems behind, so take good care of your boat and most of your worries are sure to just wash away.

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