How to Choose a Used Car

Buying a used car can save you money over buying it new. New cars depreciate several thousand dollars the minute you drive it off the lot. People who want to avoid this sudden drop in equity can choose a quality used car instead. Here are a few items to check out while inspecting a used car.

Book Value

All cars are rated based on how much they hold their value over time. Values can easily be found online through different websites. It’s important to know what a car is potentially worth before going to look at it so that you know if the sticker price of the vehicle is high or low. With this knowledge, you can negotiate a better deal.

Body Condition

Many cars show signs of wear and tear from normal use. Older cars may have scratches that can be buffed out or door ding repair fort worth that can be fixed. Excessive damage or rust, however, can be indicative of bigger problems. Cars that have been allowed to rust may have been neglected internally as well.

Engine Condition

Unless you are a mechanic or know about car engines, you may want to have the engine checked by a third party that has this knowledge. Just because a car starts and sounds fine does not mean that something won’t break after you drive it away. A knowledgable mechanic will be able to figure out potential issues by giving the car a thorough inspection.

VIN Search

Every car has a vehicle identification number or VIN that gets tracked if the car has been in any serious accident. If the used car does not come with a VIN report, you should have one run to make sure the car hasn’t been illegally returned to the road after being flooded or seriously damaged.

Used cars are a great money saver. However, you have to evaluate the car carefully to get the best deal for your money.

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