Different Types of Transmissions

You are about to buy a new vehicle and have lots of different items to decide on. While you might dwell on choices like color, interior, and audio system, you will also need to consider what type of transmission you want. A transmission is the mechanism that governs the speed of your car by the gears it shifts to make the automobile go faster. Here are the types of transmissions you can choose from.

Manual Transmission

If you want to keep from paying too much for transmission repair lynnwood, you will need to know how to operate a manual transmission. When driving this type of system, you change gears by shifting the stick to increase your speed. You do damage to your vehicle, however, if shift wrong so it is best to be certain you know how to drive this type of car.

Automatic Transmission

With an automatic transmission, you only need to shift into drive, neutral, park or reverse. The vehicle is built to slide into the gears on its own and the driver only needs to control the car. This is the most common type of transmission on the market and the easiest to use. There is very little to be concerned with other than the fluid in the engine.

Automated Manual Transmission

This sort of transmission is like the manual type but instead of using the clutch mounted to the floor to switch gears, you use buttons or paddles on the steering wheel. The shifting itself is managed by pneumatic or electronic elements instead of a gearbox.

Continuously Variable Transmission

The continuously variable transmission operates a series of pulleys and belts to propel the car forward instead of gears. This provides a smoother ride and quicker shifting of speeds. The car burns fuel more efficiently increasing gas mileage which saves money for the owner.

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