5 Unusual Types of Commercial Insurance You May Not Know Exist

Almost anyone needing commercial insurance knows about property and liability insurance. Property insurance will cover your building and all the damages done to it listed in the policy. On the other hand, general liability insurance provides protection coverage from claims by third parties. Did you know there are dozens of other types of unusual policies you can purchase? Here are five of the most unusual you can ask your commercial insurance Sacramento CA agent about.


Simply put, this insurance covers glass breakage. Whether you have huge plate glass windows, store front windowpanes, or other glass sheets in your company, glass insurance will cover replacement expenses if the panes are broken.


A valuable insurance policy, and yet one that is relatively unknown, crime coverage can protect your company in many ways. Thefts by employees, burglary and robbery by outsiders, and theft of money, fixtures, and stocks are all covered.


Mechanical coverage, or equipment breakdown insurance, can be purchased to provide protection against the failure of machinery, boilers, and other types of equipment. This policy can also offer property damage protection if machinery explodes or your computers are destroyed in a fire.


If your building is 50 percent destroyed and the law states you cannot rebuild, the ordinance insurance policy will cover all costs dealing with the demolition and rebuilding of the structure to bring it back up to code.

Debris Removal

Another unusual type of insurance is debris removal coverage. After a disaster such as a flood, lightning storm, or fire, the policy will cover the removal of all your building’s debris so that you can begin a rebuilding project. Since your property insurance does not cover any debris or its removal, purchasing this coverage can be advantageous.

If you are looking for commercial insurance coverage, check with your agent to see what the company has to offer. You might find one of the unusual insurance policies can work for your business.

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