Top 5 Motorbike Helmets

When riding your motorbike, it’s essential to select a helmet that will protect you. A quality helmet should offer an optimal fit, superior ventilation and be certified with top-notch safety certifications.

When choosing a helmet, the first factor to consider is your head shape. Manufacturers usually indicate which helmet type works best for long oval (longer front to back), intermediate oval or round oval heads.

1. Icon Airframe Pro Carbon

The Icon Airframe Pro Carbon helmet boasts a stylish, flashy appearance and is ultralight at just 20.9 oz. It also meets all applicable safety standards – DOT FMVSS 218 in the US, ECE 22-05 in Europe, and PSC in Japan – making it an ideal choice for road riders everywhere.

The Airframe Pro Carbon is a full face sports helmet constructed with highly resistant 4Tress carbon fibre material. It boasts an aerodynamic shell, large RST TracShield visor and superior ventilation system for comfort and performance.

Internally, the lining is a five-piece modular design featuring Hydradry moisture wicking technology. Crown, lateral, fore and aft padding components offer 27 possible fitment combinations – double that of its competitors.

2. Yema Modular Helmet

The Yema Modular Helmet is a revolutionary hybrid helmet that provides full face protection and open face flexibility. You can quickly flip it up when you want to enjoy some fresh air, eat something quick or show your face to the police – whatever works best for you!

This design features a lightweight ABS shell and high-quality EPS liner. Plus, its removable, washable interior lining is odor resistant.

One great feature is the dual visor system with a clear outer and smoked inner lens. Both lenses are scratchproof and fog-proof, providing you with an expansive field of view.

3. Icon Airflite

The Icon Airflite is a polycarbonate all-rounder helmet designed for use on any road surface. While its graphics may be quirky, this helmet itself is well constructed and provides adequate protection.

One of the unique features of the helmet is a sun visor that drops over the top of the chin guard and locks into place at the bottom. Operated via slider right behind left shield pivot, this feature is incredibly user-friendly.

In addition to its visor, the Icon Airflite features some cleverly placed forehead vents that run from front to back across the crown of the head. These vents are covered by large sliders that open and close simultaneously, allowing air in and out simultaneously.

4. ScorpionExo Covert X

The ScorpionExo Covert X 3-in-1 helmet sets new standards in comfort, safety and convenience. Engineered to disperse impacts during accidents, its moisture wicking interior liner keeps you cool and dry, while Bluetooth accessibility adds another level of convenience.

The multi-layered TCT-Ultra (r) shell utilizes fiberglass, aramid and polyresin fibers to minimize weight while increasing impact dispersal. It’s supported by an expanded polystyrene foam core for a soft, comfortable fit with strategically designed channels for improved airflow.

This helmet also has a double-D ring chin strap that creates an intermediate oval head shape and fastens with a micro ratchet system with five adjustments. Furthermore, there’s a sun visor that pulls down and is sealed to stop water/wind infiltration like a proper face shield would.

5. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Helmet

The ILM Bluetooth Integrated Helmet is an excellent modular helmet that offers plenty of benefits at a reasonable cost. It boasts features like Bluetooth technology, intercom capabilities and more for added convenience.

This lightweight helmet is easy to mount and adjust for fit. It also has a quick-release chin strap made of polyester which can be adjusted according to your head shape.

Furthermore, this helmet utilizes DSP noise and echo cancellation technology to enhance your voice clarity when speaking on the phone or listening to music. Additionally, its microphone reduces wind noise so you can communicate more effectively with friends.

The ILM Bluetooth Integrated Helmet also comes with a removable winter neck scarf for extra comfort. It comes in multiple colors and boasts an impressive one-year warranty.

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